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Bitdefender QuickScan – Free Online Virus Scan Tool

Bitdefender QuickScan

Free Online Virus Scanner – Bitdefender QuickScan

– Find out if your computer is clean. It only takes a few seconds. Bitdefender QuickScan – Fast & free online virus scanner powered by the award-winning Bitdefender scanning engines. It is an online tool which uses in-the-cloud scanning to detect malware running on a PC very fast, usually in less than 60 seconds.

Bitdefender Free Online Virus ScanBitdefender QuickScan uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to detect active malware on your system, in under a minute. Because it focuses on active e-threats, the product uses just a fraction of the system resources needed by a regular virus scan and requires no time-consuming virus signature updates, as the detection process is performed by remote Bitdefender servers.

Despite the fact that the BitDefender QuickScan website states that the service doesn’t require any software, that’s not entirely true. The first time you use it, you’ll need to install an add-on or extension and restart the browser, depending on which one you’re using.

Once installed and you’ve agreed to the user agreement, BitDefender QuickScan will scan your computer. This is very quick, keeps to the background and won’t interfere with anti-viruses already installed. Crucially, it won’t slow down your computer either.

Once it has finished, BitDefender QuickScan will tell you if it has found an infection or not and gives you the option to see a report. If it does find a problem, BitDefender QuickScan won’t actually cure it – it just alerts you so you can then take the appropriate action.

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Key Features

  • Fast. Bitdefender Quickscan runs in the cloud as a lightning-fast virus and spyware detection tool, providing an alternative to the time consuming traditional virus scanners.
  • Easy to use. The Quickscan service can be accessed from any Internet-connected PC. You don’t need to install software, perform updates or do any configuration tasks. But if you’d like to use it without visiting our website, you can also install it as a browser extension or widget.
  • QuickScan only detects viruses and spyware which are active in memory or present in files that are run at system startup. Inactive virus bodies are not scanned for and therefore not detected. To run a full system virus scan you can use one of the Bitdefender security solutions.
  • Light. Based on award-winning antivirus Bitdefender technologies, Quickscan detects viruses and spyware without slowing down your PC, as most operations are performed remotely on Bitdefender servers.
  • Always up-to-date. There is no need for annoying virus signature updates, as the scanning process takes place directly from our servers.
  • Double-check the security status of your PC even if you already have an antivirus program installed!

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