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Online Marketing: A cautionary note for all online marketers

Baby Boomers on YouTube

Marketers Ignoring Baby Boomers on YouTube Missing Out Big Time

Performance Marketing Insider recently published a cautionary note [based on a new report from Strike Social] for all online marketers. While the focus of the report is on YouTube campaigns, our suspicion is that this issue probably traverses most platforms/campaigns out there…So what’s the cautionary note? Don’t forget to target ‘Baby Boomers’! FYI The Baby Boomer demographic is responsible for a significant percentage of sales!

Below is an excerpt of the article.

“A new report from Strike Social looked at YouTube campaigns across 25 different industries for the last year, and found some interesting things. First, and least surprising, is that marketers are using YouTube to heavily target the millennial and generation X demographic. Given the amount of time these people spend online, this seems to make sense.

Baby Boomers, on the other hand, aren’t being targeted nearly as much. Again, on the surface, this may make sense. When digging into the report, however, you’ll see that baby boomers actually have view rates that are 10% higher than millennial’s (31.2% and 28.3% respectively). Gen Xers also get more attention, and their view rate is 28.5%, still significantly lower than the Baby Boomers.

Jason Nesbitt, the VP of Media & Agency Operations at Strike Social, said, ‘We commonly see that advertisers choose to allocate their spend based on preconceived notions of different groups rather than listening to the data. This data proves that following those stereotypes often has the opposite effect on campaign engagement rates. Baby Boomers make up nearly a quarter of YouTube visitors. By ignoring this group, advertisers are missing out on a significant audience that is both highly engaged and highly valuable.'”

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About Strike Social
Strike Social harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to drive the best outcomes in YouTube and social media advertising. Through media-buying software and service, Strike Social manages 15,000+ campaigns each day for the world’s leading agencies and brands, including Beats, Xbox, Honda, Mattel, Lionsgate and Trunk Club. With a workforce presence in 16 major markets — including headquarters in Chicago and offices in Kraków and Manila — Strike Social was recently named the No. 17 fastest-growing private company in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine. Learn more at strikesocial.com.

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