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Online Marketing: Tips for creating landing pages that convert

What’s a landing page? Essentially, it’s a web page that has one highly specific purpose: to convert visitors.

If you want to sell more products or services, get more subscribers on your mailing list, or generate leads for your website, you need a killer landing page.

Inbound WordPress Landing Page Theme

Landing pages provide an effective and highly targeted way of converting visitors to your site.

There’s no point driving traffic to your landing page if it doesn’t convert.

So next time you have a new product or service you want to launch, or if you just want to capture emails and generate leads, consider setting up a landing page on your site. So here are 10 tips to help you get started.

  1. Use a headline that clears states your offer. Your visitors want to know what they’re getting in exchange for their email or credit card information, so clearly tell them what they’re getting with a brief headline.
  2. Clearly state the benefits. When visitors fill out your form, what do they get in return? Make sure you explicitly state the benefits of what you’re offering because your visitors will be wondering “what’s in it for me?”. Visitors should be able to understand your value proposition at first glance.
  3. Use engaging button text. Now’s not the time to be boring. Forget using generic text like “submit” or “send” on your contact or submission form. Be specific and use words like “download”, “sign up” or even “give it to me!”.
  4. Hide your site’s navigation. Ensure you remove any elements on your landing page that might distract visitors from completing your desired action. You’ve got them on your landing page so don’t let them click away!
  5. Keep your form short. If you’re using a form to collect information, keep it short and don’t ask for too many details. You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors. All you really need is to ask for their name and email. You can always follow up later to gather more information if necessary.
  6. Think about design. Consider the layout of your page, colors, CTAs and any other elements you want to include on your landing page.
  7. Include social proof. Remember how Wistia displays testimonials on its “sign up” page? Yes, that’s social proof and it’s a powerful way to elicit trust and credibility. So if you have happy customers or clients and have awesome testimonials, use them!
  8. Make it mobile-friendly. Consider creating a separate landing page especially for mobile users that is even more minimal and easy to read on smaller devices. With more and more people accessing the internet on mobile devices, you could be losing out on potential customers or clients if you don’t cater to people using devices other than desktops.
  9. Create a “Thank You” page. You’ll want to thank your visitors for taking the time to fill out your form. Now that you’ve captured their information, you can redirect the user to your website, re-introduce your navigation, and encourage them to further explore your website.
  10. Testing your landing page. Last, but not least, always test your landing page. A/B testing can help you determine which elements are working well on your landing page and what could be improved.

Bonus: Get inspired with these landing page themes

Ready to create your own landing page? Below, you can find examples of some of landing page themes you’ll find in Envato WordPress theme marketplace.

Landkit – WordPress Landing Page Theme


Landkit is a high performance, intuitive and easy to use wordpress landing page theme. It uses Hybrid Composer page builder to allow you to handcraft the look and feel of your website in an instant, without ever writing a line of code yourself.

Based on Bootstrap, it’s the ideal theme for high traffic usage cases, assuring minimal server loads across the board. Landkit is perfect for webmasters in need of a landing page website that can effectively channel the traffic generated by marketing campaigns and present the information in an attractive and functional environment.

Inbound WordPress Landing Page Theme


Flexible, fast, easily customizable and supported by professionals: Inbound has been developed to deliver conversions. Design landing pages with the visual page editor, add additional content and start selling!

Inbound makes building landing pages with WordPress easy. All the building blocks exist as widgets that can easily be dragged onto a landing page and then edited, rearranged or removed.

One – WordPress Product Landing Page


Looking for a theme to promote a digital product? With its modern design, this theme is ideal for generating hype ahead of a product launch. One features Visual Composer compatibility, MailChimp integration, custom shortcodes, AJAX animations and one-click demo installation.

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