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SEO: Have you seen what’s new with Majestic Rank Tracker tool?

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Majestic Monthly update

Welcome back to the first Majestic monthly update of the year. This edition looks at a new addition to Majestic Rank Tracker tool and why it’s always worth disavowing a link.

A new addition to Rank Tracker

In late 2017 we received a suggestion from a user about a brilliant way to improve our recently released Rank Tracker tool. That suggestion has become a reality and we are delighted to announce there is now a new manual keyword tagging feature in our Rank Tracker tool to help you easily categorise the keywords relevant to your campaigns.

When you open one of your Search Traffic Reports for a given website and then go to the ‘Queries’ tab, you will see there is now an option to ‘Add Tags’.

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Why it’s always worth disavowing a link

Anyone with even the basic knowledge of SEO knows that not all links are good links. This blog post defines what makes a link either good or bad, what tools you can use to determine the quality of a link as well as other factors to consider.

Fluctuations may be subtle, but if you see a heavy downturn you should look at your what links you’ve disavowed, as you may have been a bit heavy-handed with the axe.

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Struggling to find valuable links?

 ‘Link building’ is the process of earning natural links which can help to directly improve the authority and reputation of a site.

With every Google algorithm update, the process of getting valuable links to your site becomes even harder. George Draper from Absolute Digital Media goes back to basics to tell you how you can gain natural, valuable links to your site in 2018.

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