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UpVote News Theme – Hacker News Styled WordPress Theme

Hacker News Styled WordPress Theme

– The UpVote news theme has everything you need to launch your website if you want to create site like Reddit, Hacker News, Growth Hackers and other similar sites using WordPress! Own the unlimited power of the web development and design tool that will make your site stand out on the web.

UpVote theme is powered by a custom-build plugin that will enable registered users to submit url (in UpVote it called story) and the theme can automatically fetch the post title, featured image and description from the link, as long as the url support Open Graph.

Users can register to UpVote using WordPress default registration form or simply login using Facebook and Twitter oauth. They can later submit new story (url) or vote on existing stories.

UpVote Features:

  • Enable registered users to submit url to the site;
  • Unlimited colors and typography;
  • Powerful theme options panel;
  • Facebook and Twitter login;
  • Support Google ReCaptcha;
  • User can edit their profile, password or request new password right from the front-end;
  • User dashboard;
  • Voting system;
  • Custom page templates and widgets;
  • Popular, Trending and Recent stories shortcodes;
  • Responsive layout;
  • Translation support;
  • XML demo data.

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Regular License: $44
Extended License: $2200

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UpVote News Theme

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